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Get your Money Right Education Made Simple.

Time is Money! Making wealth education fun and rewarding.
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This is a WE Thing.

BankDAO is a community-owned wealth-building platform created by The Players Company, where everyone’s voice matters! We are governed by our members, meaning joining BankDAO makes you an owner.



Impact Driven.

We are creating a system for the people, committed to empowering our communities to build wealth through the provision of access and education.  

Get your Money Right 
Education Program.

Our genesis wealth education cohort is a Free 4-week digital program for 100 underserved young adults.


Over the 4 weeks, we will ensure you have the support to establish a healthy emotional relationship with money while providing you the information to develop sound wealth management skills that will lead to greater financial outcomes in your life.


You will have an opportunity to learn from world-class educators, professional athletes, and renowned business leaders. 

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Past Speakers.

Joining the BankDAO community provides the opportunity to learn from the brightest business minds in the world. 

Grow your Knowledge.

Learn about money through fun short-form videos. This is education with sauce, not your traditional virtual classroom. Education is the fertilizer to wealth, and the time to grow is now!

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Earn Rewards.

Earn points for learning that can be redeemed for products, gift cards, and mentorship time from your favorite brands.

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Grow your Network.

An important part of building wealth is who you know, you will have the opportunity to learn from and connect with world-renowned business leaders, and mentors committed to helping you grow on your journey

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Community Curated.

Members will have the opportunity to earn a Brick Badge for learning, providing them a voting seat within the community. Brick Badge holders can propose and vote on the introduction of new learning modules, educators/creators, future programs, and resources offered to the community.


Created for wealth seekers.

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The Squad.

Integrity. Dedication. Passion.

We are a community of professional athletes, entrepreneurs, builders, and community leaders committed to empowering the world through access, education, and community.